Danny Orleans and Jan Rose of Corporate Magic, Ltd. provide interactive entertainment at corporate events, trade shows and sales meetings. Based in Chicago, Danny and Jan specialize in creating customized presentations which help companies communicate the features and benefits of their products and services to customers, clients and employees. 

Considered to be Corporate America’s Corporate Magicians, Danny Orleans and Jan Rose have entertained in over 30 states, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands for Fortune 500 companies including Good Humor, Honeywell, ExxonMobil, HP, Tennant, Alcon and Johnson & Johnson.

In the 1980s, they performed a children's magic show, called "Magic Over The Rainbow," at theatres and museums in the US, Canada and the Virgin Islands. The theatrical production portrayed a magician's assistant who didn't want to help with the show because she was distracted by searching for her holiday presents. The routines and audience reactions were videotaped and can be seen on the 3rd disc in the DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children." 

In the early 1990s, Danny and Jan studied with Eddie Fields who taught them his two-person mindreading act. Considered the finest system ever created, Danny and Jan created a corporate mindreading act using the Fields system which they perform at corporate banquets ad meetings. You can see a promo video on THIS PAGE.

From 2001 – 2006, Danny wrote 11 books teaching the art of magic for Scholastic Publishing and consulted on their Ultimate Magic Club Magic Kits. Over 300,000 kits were sold nationwide. In 2008 he wrote the first scratch-off book on magic where the book actually performs magic tricks as the reader scratches off the scratch-offs. Click to learn more about Magic Scratchers

In 2009, Jan Rose wrote a companion book to Magic Scratchers called, Fortune Telling Scratchers which gives the reader an opportunity to use fortune telling techniques to answer their questions as they scratch off the scratch-offs.

In 2011, Danny began to share his performance knowledge with the magic community, creating a talk on Corporate Magic where he teaches the Do's and Don't of performing at corporate meetings and trade shows. He's lectured to groups of magicians in Orlando, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Diego.You can learn more about his Corporate Magic Lecture HERE.Danny and Jan have a lecture based on their 3-DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children," where they teach audience management strategies to magicians who perform for youngsters. They have lectured at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Houdini Convention in Wisconsin, and at Magic In The Rockies, Magi-Fest and Magi-Whirl. Danny also performed and lectured at the combined IBM/SAM convention in St. Louis in 2014. In the spring of 2014, Danny and Jan did a ten-city tour of the United Kingdom lecturing to Scottish and British Magi and, completed the prestigious seven-city Can-Am lecture tour in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about the Children's Magic Lecture HERE.

kids-show-masterplan.jpgIn May of 2014, Danny released a new 3-DVD set "The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers" which teaches the performance techniques that Danny has used successfully to entertain middle and junior high school students.

In 2015, ​Danny and Jan have many corporate performances scheduled. For the magic community, they attended, lectured and performed at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis and lectured at ​FISM, the World Congress of Magic, held in Italy. They will also be lecturing and performing at MAGIC WEEKEND in Sweden in October. In September, Danny released his new book on performing magic for children, Kids Show Masterplan.

Jan and Danny live in Chicago. Their daughter is Leah Orleans, actress and comic acrobat who entertains at Renaissance Faires, cruises and special events as part of the comedy team, Acrobatrix.