Two Lectures for the Magic Community

The Art of Presenting Magic to Children


Danny Orleans and Jan Rose have performed over 4000 shows for over one-million children, parents and teachers at schools, theaters, museums and private events. They met in 1983 when Jan, a Chicago Equity actress, auditioned for Danny's theater show. Danny's qualifications as one of the magic community's leading experts on Children's Magic include:

  • Graduated Northwestern University’s School of Education
  • Taught preschool through 8th grade in public and private schools,
  • Wrote the column “Pediatrix” for 3 years in Genii Magazine
  • Awarded1st place for his article on children’s magic in The Linking Ring, “Surviving a Lion Safari.”
  • With his wife, Jan Rose, he toured a children’s theater magic show to major theaters, museums and children’s theater festivals throughout North America and the Caribbean islands
  • Consulted for Scholastic Publishing on their “Ultimate Magic Club,” and wrote 11 books teaching the art of performing magic to children. Also wrote Magic Scratchers for Chronicle Publishing.
  • Consulted for the Chicago History Museum’s recent exhibition MAGIC

See Jan Rose and Danny Orleans' Lecture at FISM2015 in Italy!

 Their lecture on Children's Magic is based on the 3-DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children." They show clips of real performing situations from the DVD and use them as a springboard for discussion. Solutions to real world problems for kids magicians are demonstrated:

1. What do you do if a child in your audience suddenly stands up?

2. What do you do if child can't follow your verbal instruction on how to hold a prop?

3. How do you teach children not to shout out without  scolding or yelling at them?

 Danny explains "Behaviorism" and the verbal tricks he uses to modify youngsters' behavior. You will learn:

  • Three ways to get an audience quiet without asking them to be quiet.
  • Verbal tricks to get kids to be a good audience without demands, scolding or a whip.
  • How to use techniques of positive reinforcement as an audience management strategy.
  • How to unify your audience.
  • His pre-show silent warmup.
  • A master trick to get onstage helpers to stay put on stage
  • Danny's Colossal Coloring Book Routine, big enough to play for an audience of 2000.
  • And a whole lot more.

If magicians in your magic community do shows for children, this is a lecture that will help them be better performers. Through the use of audience management strategies, they can easily improve the impact on their audiences when they perform magic for children and their families.

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Corporate Magic

Have you ever wondered what type of magic tricks a full-time corporate magician performs for his clients at trade shows, sales meetings and corporate events? Curious about how he incorporates a client's sales message into his trade show act? That's what Danny Orleans' lecture, "Corporate Magic" is all about.

His lecture begins with "The Floating DVD," an impromptu method to make any DVD disc (or jumbo coin) hover away from your hands. Then he reveals his pet effect that he performs at corporate cocktail parties, his routine with the Matchbox Penetration, in which a solid "gold" brick appears in a previously examined matchbox.

GlobalShopTradeShowBooth.jpgNext, Danny gets into the nitty-gritty of performing corporate magic as he takes magicians through a shortened process (just 5 minutes) of building a script around a corporate message. He distributes his client's sales literature and the magicians are assigned to extract important talking points such as product features and benefits, slogan and how the company saves their customers time and money. 

Then the real fun begins as Danny incorporates those talking points into an actual 10-minute trade show act, performing it with the pace and excitement that have made him one of the most in-demand trade show magicians on the convention floor. You will see him perform...

  • Through3
  • Danny's easy-to-do, original "Poor Man's Signed Card At Any Number"
  • "Global Card" -- Danny's own Card to Globe routine
  • His version of "Hundy 500" with 3 tips that inventor Gregory Wilson has adopted into his own routine.
  • The $100 prize Sponge Ball Game
  • Banachek's "Psychokinetic Time"

After the break, Danny dissects his trade show act for you, explaining the methodology behind six routines and why each was chosen to communicate a marketing message. Most importantly, he teaches the correct moment in a routine in which to inject a company's product point, so it is heard and remembered by an audience.

The final Q &A session goes over additional business information including, how to get trade show clients, clauses to be sure to include in your contracts, tech requirements that improve your act 100% and pricing.

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