A Modern Trade Show Handbook

A Modern Trade Show Handbook

Trade Show Magician, Seth Kramer, has written the current "bible" on performing magic at trade shows. 77 pages, spiral bound. Currently the most up-to-date information on Tradeshow Magic.

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Testimonials for A Modern Trade Show Handbook

"This is the new trade show bible."
Bud Dietrich St. Louis, MO, USA 

"I can think of no other publication currently available that covers the area of Trade Show magic in as much detail as Seth's excellent book. The advice is clearly presented and leaves no area uncovered. Simply put, if you perform or wish to perform in a trade show environment you owe it to yourself and to your business to buy A Modern Trade Show Handbook."

Nicholas Einhorn, England, UK 


"If you want to learn how to work trade shows in the real world, there are only a few people who can teach you, and even fewer who will.  Seth Kramer is one of them.  This is the real work for real workers."

Brad Henderson Austin, TX, USA


   What is a trade show?

   Performance situations


   Customizing your props

   How to work with the sales team.

   Trade show magical giveaways

   Stopping Traffic and Building a Crowd                      Seth Kramer captivating crowds at Oracle World

   How much should I charge?

   Trade Shows Do's and Don'ts

   Scripting the clients message: The Product Pitch

   Promotional material: Postcards, Business Cards, Video


   And Lots More!!!