Danny Orleans Breakaway Crayon

Danny Orleans Breakaway Crayon

Directly from Danny Orleans' children's show to you, the Break-away Crayon. 14" solid poplar crayon, self-contained. Appears to be one piece, but when you hand it to a volunteer it falls apart into 3 pieces.

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In 1981, Danny Orleans invented the "Break-away Crayon." It's been one of the best sight gags in his children's show ever since. Although a smaller, inferior model was "manufactured without permission" for a number of years, Danny has kept his version and handling to himself... until now.

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Show the oversize, 14" long, wooden crayon to the children and you'll get your first big reaction. Then when you hand it off to a child and it falls apart in his hands you'll get an even bigger laugh. Finally, you explain how to "fix" the pieces, only to have it fall apart yet again, in YOUR hands, creating yet one more very funny moment. See it all happen in the 60 second video below.  

If you have a parade of break-away props in your show, or perform the Coloring Book Routine, this will be a welcome addition and a perfect fit to enhance your presentations for children and family audiences.

14" long, solid poplar, two coats of glossy red paint, paper wrapper. Shipped in protective tube with instructions.