Corporate Magic Lecture Notes

Corporate Magic Lecture Notes

Full-size, 32-page lecture notes from Danny Orleans. Over 50 pictures and illustrations teach 4 tricks and explain how to perform magic at corporate events -- specifically, how to incorporate a company's message into a trick.

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Product Description

Lecture Notes on Corporate Magic

  • 32 pages. 8 ½” x 11”
  • Color front and back cover, color middle page depicting Danny Orleans’ “Trade Show Client Tree”
  • Over 50 photos and instructional illustrations
  • These are the notes from Danny Orleans’ current lecture on Corporate Magic.
    • Introduction, background on Danny Orleans
    • Floating DVD
    • Global Card
    • MagicAlchemy (Danny’s version of the Matchbox Penetration)
    • Magic Scratchers (Sample of a page from the book published by Chronicle)
    • Clients: Where do they come from?
    • My Trade Show Client Tree
    • "Hundy 700" -- Danny Orleans’ version of “Hundy 500”
    • The Contract: Explanation of details and a sample contract
    • The Script: Delivering a message with your magic
    • Do’s and Don’ts for the Strolling Corporate Magician
    • Your Electronic Brochure: 13 Questions
    • My Electronic Brochure: Color Sample