Danny Orleans' GlobalCard

Danny Orleans' GlobalCard

What a finish for your favorite card trick! Make a spectator's signed card magically appear inside a miniature tin globe suspended by a chain. Learn how when you get Danny Orleans' GlobalCard.

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"A nice blend of prediction and surprise seem to be at the heart of the best art." -- Wendy Carlos

A spectator holds a chain on which dangles a vintage metal globe. A card is fairly selected, signed and returned to the deck. Perhaps you perform Ambitious Card as you repeatedly make it appear on top of the deck. Perhaps you do another card effect with their signed Card in Globe reveal.JPGcard.

The globe? It's for the big finish. When it comes to card trick finales, this is hard to top. While the spectator is still holding the suspended globe, with your empty hand, you remove the bottom hemisphere and show a folded card inside! Could it be their card? You dump the folded card out, letting it fall to the table or their waiting hand. When they unfold it, their jaws drop as they see their signature on it!

Bruno Henig's Card in the Box was popularized during the 1970s by Fred Kaps. GlobalCard is Danny Orleans' version. It has been part of his professional corporate magic repertoire for over 1​5 years. The 1½" diameter globe easily fits in your pocket for strolling and gives you the opportunity to incorporate business themes such as WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION, BEST IN THE WORLD, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, or GLOBAL DELIVERY. 

The instruction booklet is 16 pages with 19 color photos and illustrations. it included Danny's complete Ambitious Card Routine. Here are the technical skills that you'll need to perform GlobalCard: The Mercury or Matt Schulien Card Fold, Palming and a Shuttle Pass.

Add an original ending for your favorite card trick, one that'll really surprise your audiences, when you perform GlobalCard.