Magic Scratchers by Danny Orleans

Magic Scratchers by Danny Orleans

It's a 40-page book of Scratch-Off Magic Tricks! You think of a word, a color, an animal or a number and, when you scratch off the Scratch-Off, your thought appears! Great to share with friends.

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If you’re a fan of mathematical magic or the writings of Martin Gardner, then you'll love Magic Scratchers. It's the first-ever book of scratch-off magic tricks. Fun, colorful, with 40 pages of interactive magic tricks, it'll charm and mystify you.

Danny Orleans has compiled the largest collection of what he calls the WITCH’S CAP Force (an acronym for "Written Instructions That Control How Spectators Choose A Prediction"), and made them entertaining. With help from Max Maven, Bob Neale and Arthur Benjamin, Magic Scratchers, is the first book of scratch-off magic tricks where the book

plays the role of the magician. Many of the routines rely on never-seen-before principles which will delight the magical hobbyist and professional alike.

To experience Magic Scratchers virtually, CLICK HERE to check out a short video version of one of the pages. CLICK HERE to LIKE Magic Scratchers on Facebook.

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