Matchbox Penetration - "Magic Alchemy"

The Matchbox Penetration, Danny Orleans' favorite close-up magic trick, has been in his performing repertoire for 20 years. In his version of the "Matchbox Penetration," he has the matchbox examined first, then makes a "Gold Brick" magically materialize inside. This performance video was part of a promotion for the Chicago History Museum's MAGIC EXHIBITION in the summer of 2012.

These are back in stock. Originally made by Selleciones Magicas of Spain, the rights have been purchased by Magic, Inc. who is now having them made in Chicago. ​You can order the improved U.S. version HERE. It comes with Danny's instruction booklet and ​two matchboxes which are ​exactly the right size for the gimmicked brass block.



The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers

Click on the video to learn more about the new release,The Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers. You'll see a live performance by Danny Orleans, commentary by Michael Brandwein, an interview with Mac King and all the explanations. It's all part of the new 3-DVD set you can order HERE.


The Art of Presenting Magic to Children

Click to see what's in store for you when you spend time with Danny Orleans, Eugene Burger, Michael Brandwein and an audience of children in the new 3 DVD set, The Art of Presenting Magic to Children.

AquaCups Magic Trick Trailer



Jan Rose and Danny Orleans' Mindreading Act

 Mentalist Jan Rose and her assistant Danny Orleans perform their Mindreading Act at corporate events.



Danny Orleans' Reception Magic Video

Danny Orleans performs strolling magic at a corporate event at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.


Danny Orleans' Family Magic Video

 Danny Orleans performs magic for children and families for fun and entertainment.


AquaCups Performance with Plastic Cups